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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pages 270 - 277 Meeting stacy :)

Stacy and i have been friends since high school, she got married while we were attending Jr college together her hubby and i didn't get along so well so while the friendship remainined we didn't chat much, she moved to Tennesse after her second baby and proceeded to have another while i didn't know of the thirs baby we still considered ourselves friends. A love and friendship that didn't waiver even though there were miles between us. We got back in touch around the time of our 10 year high school reunion. The wonders and joys of email were great! We kept in touch over the years. She was coming to vegas to teach a class for her work and visit her parents. Well i couldn't pass up a chance to get together with her and her family. So tim and i made plans got a room and set to the road. When we saw each other for the first time in 20 years it was like no time had pass. We laughed we joked, we rode rides, we ate we laughed we laughed we chatted and we laughed. She has 2 great kids (i didn't get to met jake he stayed with his uncle jamie to go camping) I also met sara Gerry's girlfriend (fiance and soon to be mommy)
. What a great day :) The wonders of technology have allowed us to keep in touch via text messaging and facebook :)

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Tracie said...

Dang you are so good at putting your pages here!! I get to see them twice sometimes! I was like, 'hey didn't I already see these before?' - um yeah via webcam!