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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 28

Each night before you go to bed finish the following statements:

Today I am thankful for __health insurance. Today for the first time in the 2 yrs since i was diagnosed with diabetes i truly get that i need to take care of me and what i need to do to take care of me and some of that means that i need to go the dr and tell him my blood sugar numbers. These numbers mean nothing unless i share and adjust meds. I am thankful that i can do this at very little expense :)  __________.

Today I accomplished ___i went to my last kaiser class. It was fun and entertaining. I was suppose to go to Hemet for a geo event, but with money and gas being low and a trip to mom's i was not able to make it but never fear tracey and ben met me at el torito for the taco bar, which btw was way crowded so we opted to sit and dine and spent almost the same amount of money :) Good times and great friends _______

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