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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 261 First WEB CAM Cache

This webcam can be found on the web site.

What you will need:
A GPS receiver (duh)
A friend at his/her computer with an internet connection.
A mobile phone or set time when you will be at the cache site.
How to find and claim this webcam virtual cache:

Go to the coordinates of this cache.
The coordinates get you to the area of the cache. They are not exact coordinates telling you where to stand. You, with the help of your friend, need to "hunt" for the cache.
Call a friend and have your friend go to this cache page or the webcam page.
Let them guide you on where to stand for the best picture then...
Wave to the camera and wait for an update! (this webcam updates approximately every 30 seconds).

When your friend sees a good webcam picture, have them right click on the webcam picture and select "Save Picture As...". Then have them send you the picture so that...

When you make your Webcam Photo Taken log entry you can upload image with the log.

Webcam Photo Taken logs without proper pictures will be deleted (no night shots - you must be visible in the picture). Alternate forms of photos will not be accepted. Please don't log it until you have your picture ready for upload.

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