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Thursday, December 02, 2010

GeoCaching -- SWAG

What is Swag? •Every treasure hunt needs treasure. In the game of geocaching, "swag" is the treasure. Some players say "swag" is an acronym for "Stuff We All Get." The simple trinkets are meant to be taken by their finder. They can represent the location, the person who put them there or just be fun mementos of a day at play. They can be collected or traded with other players.

The Rules of Swag
•Swag is meant to be taken and replaced. Every geocache location has a hidden container with a type of log book that players should sign to show their successful discovery. Larger geocache locations will have swag in their containers, too. The player takes the swag and replaces it with something from his own collection. That means players should carry a piece of swag before they start their hunts. Swag should always be child-friendly. You should not use ordinary rocks, trash or broken toys.

Types of Swag
•Swag can be a simple trinket, such as an item you would find at a dollar store or a craft you make by hand. These include stickers, key chains and pencils. "Signature swag" is unique to the location or the person who left it behind. Types of signature swag include geocoins or travel bugs, which allow you to track their locations online as they are passed from one player to another. Signature swag can also be promotional items with logos for a specific event or place.

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