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Sunday, December 26, 2010

What we will miss in 2010

Funny thing --- i am not much of a TV watcher and as i read this list ... there were shows on it that i had never heard of :(

Sometimes, losing a TV show is like losing a close friend. You get used to seeing it every single week, and you can't imagine your life without those characters and that world.   Then again, sometimes a show just needs to end. Maybe it ran too long -- or just enough -- and it's actually OK that it wont' be on air anymore.

Here's the ultimate list of all of the shows that saw their last episode in 2010. (Note: these are just the shows that had their last episode this past year, not shows that have been canceled but still have episodes to air in 2011, such as 'Oprah' and 'Stargate Universe.')

'24.' Finally, Agent Jack Bauer will have time to go to the bathroom as the Fox show came to an end. There might be a big-screen movie, though.

'As The World Turns.' It's sad when a soap ends. First CBS canceled 'Guiding Light' in 2009 after 57 years and then they canceled 'As The World Turns' after 54 years.

'At the Movies.' After going through many hosts over the past 30 plus years, this movie review show finally ended in 2010. But don't worry, Roger Ebert has a new movie review show that will premiere in 2011, 'Roger Ebert Presents: At The Movies.'

'Better Off Ted.' This is the comedy that had fans swearing that they'll never watch ABC again. A clever, quirky show that was definitely an acquired taste, but wouldn't it be good to have a show like this on network TV right now?

'Dark Blue.' This TNT cop show starring Dylan McDermott was canceled after two seasons.

'The Deep End.' It seems like we have a new legal show that gets canceled every single season. This show got bad reviews and was canceled rather quickly.

'Fly Girls' and 'High Society.' These two shows had a lot in common. They were both on The CW, they were both reality shows ('Fly Girls' was about flight attendants and 'High Society' was about a socialite and her friends), and both lasted only 8 episodes.

'The Forgotten.' No jokes about the title are even necessary.

'The Gates,' 'Happy Town,' and 'Persons Unknown.' These three shows -- the first two on ABC and the other on NBC -- seemed to have been built for one season runs. But all could have seen second seasons too. 'The Gates' wasn't too bad, and 'Persons Unknown' may have been one of the hidden jewels of the year. Let's forget about 'Happy Town' though.

'Ghost Whisperer.' CBS canceled the supernatural show after five seasons.

'The Good Guys.' A lot of people had high hopes for this Bradley Whitford/Colin Hanks comedy cop show, but the writing was on the wall early and it only lasted one season.

'The Hasselhoffs.' This was canceled after only two episodes, which means we all got a Christmas present from A&E this year!

'Heroes.' A lot of people thought this show should have been canceled a season earlier (if not before that). But that's rather unfair. It was still an entertaining show up to the end, even if it was inconsistent and couldn't recapture that first season magic.

'Important Things with Demetri Martin.' After two seasons, the comic's observational humor show came to an end. Martin has signed a deal with CBS to develop a show there.

'Larry King Live.' After 26 years, CNN decided to end King's show and replace him with Piers Morgan. We'll see how that goes.

'Law & Order.' The long-running NBC drama came to an end, but we still have 'Law and Order: SVU' and 'Law and Order: Los Angeles.' Oh, and a billion reruns on cable.

'Lone Star.' This Fox drama got a ton of hype, buzz, and many critics named it the best new show of the year! And then no one watched it. It will make for a good trivia question some day though.

'Lost.' After six seasons, the half intriguing/half-frustrating drama came to an end with most of the characters in an afterlife church. Whether you loved the finale or hated it (or found yourself in-between), 'Lost' definitely got viewers talking.

'Miami Medical.' Is anyone really going to miss this show? Assuming you remember it? CBS canceled it after only one short season.

'My Generation.' A lot of people could have guessed just from the promos that this ABC drama would be canceled after only one season. Two episodes, to be exact.

'Outlaw.' This NBC drama -- with Jimmy Smits as a Supreme Court Justice who quits to help the little people -- made most "worst" lists for the year, and it surprised no one when NBC pulled the plug quickly. Being on Fridays probably didn't help.

'Party Down.' If you stopped 10 random people on the street and asked them if they had watched this comedy, 9 (if not 10) of them would have looked at you as if you had three heads. But this STARZ show was one of the best of the year. It lasted two seasons.

'Past Life.' I actually had to look up this show because I forgot which one it was. Was it the one on ABC where Christian Slater and his team found missing persons? No, it was the one on FOX where Kelli Giddish solved crimes involving past lives and repressed memories. It lasted three episodes.

'Romantically Challenged.' This Alyssa Milano ABC rom-com fared even worse than 'The Deep End.' It was canceled after only four episodes.

'Rubicon.' This was one of the more sad cancellations of the year. A well-done, stylish, different type of spy drama that deserved a second season but won't have one. AMC went with 'The Walking Dead' instead.

'Terriers.' Like 'Rubicon,' this modern-day noir-ish drama deserved a second season. Like a lot of fans, I'm still surprised FX didn't give it one.

'Ugly Betty.' The once-great ABC comedy-drama limped to its end last April.

'Undercovers.' JJ Abrams had two shows that he produced end this year, 'Lost' and this new take on the romantic spy show. Not a terrible show, but there was nothing that stood out about it either.

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Tracie said...

Interesting list of shows! The only one I ever watched was Ghost Whisperer. I think once they killed the husband it started to go downhill. I guess shows have to end sometime!