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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Fun Zone Boat Company 90 min cruise

Fun Zone Boat Company Avast, ye mateys! Break out your deck shoes and captain's hat and shove off out of Newport Harbor with Fun Zone Boat Tours. For only $9 (regularly $19) you'll enjoy a 90-minute guided tour of the harbor area, where you'll take in celebrity homes and historic sites. It's all smooth sailing aboard the Showboat, which will take you past Nicolas Cage's house, among other celebrity abodes. There's no limit to how many deals you can buy for yourself or as gifts, so it's best to marshal a hearty crew (landlubbers welcome, of course). Grab this deal and weigh anchor -- this deal's about to set sail

90-Minute Cruise Around Newport Harbor's Historic Sites and Celebrity Homes

Great deal at living social got it all for 9 bucks!

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