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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 3

Jan 16 - Up and out the Hotel door early once again. GPS is loaded and jeep is full of gas. We are heading towards Nipton and Searchlight to do some caching.
The caching group is Joeski team (barbara and joe), crazy teacher (cindy) myself (tandpseekers), blazer 4949 (steve, he left early) Dr Webe, Love Orca (lori) and Tartine (bob) we are doing a series that is the outline of a J a little over 100 caches is on the agenda for today :)

Jan 17-  Up and out the door early today but not as early as the last 2 days :), breakfast down and off to do some caching along a new route home. Got many of the caches around Primm and headed to Kelso. We stopped along the route for a few caches before coming to Kelso's visitor center where we had lunch and walked around. We viewed the Kelso dunes from afar and then headed back into the Mojave preserve for a ride home, once outside the preserve we stopped for a few more caches before getting our final cache of the day in Amboy. Headed through 29 Palms, Yucca Valley, Palm Springs, Moreno valley until we reached my house. (it was a great run with Cindy) But so nice to be home.

Jan 18 - Back to work today :(

Jan 19 Happy birthday to my friend bill (btw he still owes me $2 from 1989 thinking that i will never see that $2 lol) Home is where i liked to be today. I was too lazy and too tired to cook so went to jack n the box for dinner and then went home and logged logged logged geo caches :) i am almost caught up

Jan 20 - All caches logged ... thank you Tracie. Did a little valentine shopping and arranged to put george in the shop (he just isn't himself and he needs to be so i can take him off road)

Jan 21 UGHHHHHHH car repair bills stink, work is stressful and i still have christmas stuff in my living room ... CALGON!

Jan 22 - WOW i was up and out the doors before the birds began chirping. We went to the area of the stoddard valley and did some caching the number was 43 today :) Came home and managed to do a few things around the house before the scrapping group tomorrow :)

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