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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Week 5

Jan 30 feeling better today, i headed out to the desert with cindy, mike, ellistruss and dance lady to finish the tank series and grab a few more caches, and then we went to victorville for an awesome dinner and great chatting at the olive garden, glad that the blood sugars seem to be back under control

Jan 31A day back at work not feeling 100% and my blood sugars are showing it! Wish i knew what was happening they seem to be so low it is scary. Worked hard today and then had a huge disagreement with my father ... don't think that he will talk to me for a while. Cried to hubby all night and then decided that i wasn't gg to give someone else the power to control me. So i made dinner, chatted with some on line friends and worked on more page kits :)

Feb 1 Busy busy day at work. Great to be busy it makes the day go faster and then off to tracey's for dinner and friendship. How great it was to talk to others and not eat dinner alone. Got home in time to work on more projects for work before heading to bed :)

Feb 2 Busy busy busy day at work, had an 830 meeting and was able to get out early and headed over to the cache addicts meeting early and frankly it is just what i needed to hang out with "friends" talk shop and not talk shop enjoy a meal with a great friend and share dessert with so many others

Feb 3WOW a day home i should have cleaned when i got home from work but that seemed like a lot of work so i made my t-bone steak and took a nap :) when tim got home i did finish packing  up the christmas dishes and now all is ready to go back to storage and now i am preparing the house for the new furniture that Tim bought :)

Feb 4 WHEWWWWWW TFIG i need it to be this day. Cramps are kicking hard and i am super moody not sure that anyone is going to want to be around me this weekend. I got rid of the furniture that i bought from Andrea years ago. Tim is going tomorrow to pick out furniture that will be ours all ours ... how awesome is that no HAND ME downs

Feb 5 Up way to early for me. 530 too early but i managed to get out of the house and to Cindy's in time for a great day of caching on route 66 and then a great dinner! Why a great dinner because i got to spend it with some great new friends. I have found a hobby that is truly a great thing for me ... friends and a reason to get out of the house . My awesome hubby went to San Diego and came home with some awesome furniture! A great couch and an equally great love seat (see them in the other post)

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