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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week 6

Feb 6 Today is super bowl sunday and we were invited to some friends house but since i was unable to get up and get motivated today we stayed home. Tim so enjoyed his new furniture and truth be told so did i :). I managed to scrap together some dinner and did some much needed scrapping all while avoiding logging my caches from Sat :) what a great sunday :)

Feb 7 Today i got invited to dinner with Cindy and her friends, It was great meeting new friends and going to eat dinner at a new restaurant :)

Feb 8 My numbers were pretty high this morning. I noticed that last night i did not get up in the middle of the night so i decided to go get my lab work done. they only took 3 vials :) Long day at work Seems to be my story lately. I work very hard. As a reward for working hard i play hard. Tonight i went to dinner at tracey's.  After dinner i headed to vons to use the coupons that gave me some free items :)

Feb 9 I am waiting on pins and needles for the results of my blood work. I am hoping my A1C is down. The good news is that i went from 8.6 to 7.1 (HUGE HUGE reduction) This means that what i am doing is working however my cholestrol is not so good. So after a talk with Malhee (the nurse) we have decided on a new treatment plan.
I will be taking crestor, fish oil and vitamin d ... lets hope it works. Life is precious and i am not ready to leave my earthly body.

Feb 10 Long night as my feet are really bothering me these days. Last night i managed 4 loads of laundry. As i was leaving my house to go to work, i got a text from my aunt saying my cousin in las vegas was in route to the hospital with chest pains. No update as of 12:30.

Feb 11 Well no boss at work today means that i didn't work as hard as i should have. It sure was nice to have the break. I did a few things so that my day was not a total waste. I headed to pick up jimmy and then go to the commissary; apparently we need food to eat this week. After getting home and preparing a salad with Jimmy we went out caching. It was nice to avenge a few prior DNF's.

Feb 12 Up and out the door early for a day of caching. We got a few over 100. What great fun i had with cindy, mike, katy and frank :) Home to an awesome husband. My life is a good one.

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