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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week 7

Feb 13 - A lazy day at home. It was nice to sleep in late and then make breakfast and dinner with tim and do a little sleeping and a little scrapping.

Feb 14 I love my husband not just today but 364 other days of the yr :) He brought me home flowers and a beautiful card and a promise to help me fix my truck .. true love. He was home sick today so my plans for valentines day surprise for him fell through. The good news is that whatever rash he has is not contagious bad news he will be home for a few days while he sleeps it off.

Feb 15 Tim is still home today. He is feeling a little better and the rash looks like it is going away. By him being home tonight we were able to go to the geo caching event together. Yes today he sees all the wonder the dorky things his wife does while he is at work. It was a great event and got some caches and a donut and spent time with tim .. what more could i ask for.

Feb 16 Time went back to work just in time for me to rush through all my chores and to do lists so that i can go to the scrappin retreat in san diego, laundry is being done and shopping is done and working on finishing packing ... i am finally allowing myself to get excited about the weekend.

Feb 17 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DERRICK!! today he turns 18 seems like yesterday he was born and i was watching the triplets and tami.I seem to be very emotional about this birthday :( I am very very very proud of derrick and the goals that he has set for his life :) . Went to my sisters house to celebrate derricks birthday with spaghetti and ice cream and some gifts (will post pictures later)

Feb 18  Today is SCRAP DAY and my sisters birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANE. Sadly i miss her birthday dinner but i gave her the present we bought for her last night. I am off to san diego with Kim and Jo Jo for a weekend of girl bonding and scrapping. We made several pit stops on the way to the hotel at walmarts and scrap stores spending too much money on stuff i "had to have" yes i "needed it" LOL
I did some pages once we got there. It was so fun to see Naomi and Mable and meet new friends and see leti .. i think that i am over stimulated and should go to bed but sleeping without tim is a hard thing so good night :)

Feb 19 - WOW i woke up in san diego at a hotel for scrapping ... it wasn't a dream i am really here .. 60 hours of crop time a goal od 100 pages plus. I finished a total of 71 pages so far a little disappointed in myself but i should learn to talk less and scrap more.

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