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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 8 a day in the life

Feb 20. WOW I woke up in San Diego again but the dream is coming to an end i have to go home today. But not before i get more scrapping done and have lunch with some pretty awesome friends (kim and jojo)
My awesome husband fixed my truck and let me nap when i got home. I am truly blessed in so many areas of my life.Before leaving San Diego i was able to grab a few caches ... woot woo my favorite things all in one day, hubby, friends, scrapping and caching :)

Feb 21 - Tim is off today :) yeah for him boo for me :( as i have to work. But he is an awesome hubby and came and took me out to lunch. Gotta love spending time with him he is the best! Then after work i headed to camera / photography group. My first meeting. It was a lot of fun very informative, however i feel very under accessorized. We learned how to shoot a panaromic picture and then stitch it together :)

Feb 22 My second event. How nice it was of Joe to let me go early and i was able to get to the event and gas up before-hand and grab a lot of fresh veggies and fruit. During the event i surprised derrick with cupcakes and a happy birthday song. After the event we went out caching :)

Feb 23 Worked 8 hours and then headed to dinner with Tracey, Mom, Ben and Lisa. Great times and great conversation. She fed us spaghetti taco's I was very apprenshive but i still tried them and i discovered that i didn't like them. No fear tracey rocked and fed me reg tacos. After dinner we talked about old times and looked at yearbooks. Can't wait until we have dinner again :)

Feb 24 HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICENTE MICHAEL MARTINEZ (i love you; we love you; daddy loves you). After work i went to pat and oscars for dinner and a night of caching with frank and cindy. It is so nice and relaxing to cache after the day that i had.

Feb 25 Worked 6 hours then headed to the podiartist. WOW WOW WOW that is some serious pain. The most pain i have ever had. He pulled out 2 ingrown toenails OMG OMG OMG that is the worst pain that i have ever felt in my life. The good news is that the pain will go away and my feet might just get better.

Feb 26 Headed out to yuma to go to a few out of state geo caching events and then to the bombing range to do some serious caching. We cached our way to yuma grabbing 9 caches and then the event. This year i have exceeded my caching goal for the year and it is awesome that i will be able to keep it up :)

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