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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week 12 A week in review

March 20 Well tim headed back to San Diego today i am so proud that he passed the first part of his hazzmat school. We slept in late, did some vegetable and fruit shopping and then i headed to dinner with Michelle and Jim and the kids and Erica showed up .. GREAT FUN!!!

March 21 - Another day at the office but that is okay ... why because this weekend i am headed to the river for 5 nights and 4 days ... rest relaxation and CACHING .. so will i rest or relax probably not but it will be fun. I did loads of laundry and hung out at home tonight. Tonight i figured since non of my friends are going with me this weekend i had better figure out how to load the GPS :) I DID IT!!!! thank you cindy for the AWESOME directions.

March 22 - Took Frank out for his birthday :) Happy 30th birthday my friend (i think he is really 40 but we just want to stay 30). Had a great time at Don Joses with Frank and Cindy and then we decided to go get the lucky duckie cache (it eluded us the weekend before) tonight we got it and that led to more caching and for me to discover that i had left my GPS at the restaurant. Some honest soul turned it in ... THANK goodness for honest PEOPLE

March 23 WORK .. must get so much done so that i can leave on friday! UGH

March 24 Dinner with friends (TRACEY, LISA, and DAWN) sure has become the highlight of the month for me. We could have top ramen and i would still come back again. Calling it girl therapy is more accurate than dinner. These are some of my favorite nights. Thanks Tracey for starting them :)

March 25 - Quick day at work!! Waiting for tim's call so that i can go home and pack the truck and head to the river!!! Got a later start than i wanted but the truck is packed errands are run que is loaded and off to the river i go :) WE GO!!!!! did some caching before arriving there ... and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MY PARENTS!!!!! 43 yrs is quite the accomplishment

March 26 AHHHHHHHHH to wake up the sunsetting on the colorado river is AWESOME. slow start to the day but that is quite okay. Love the lazy days of cooking breakfast with tim and just enjoying each other's company. We went and bought a few more things at the store and then did some caching .. I PUT MY TRUCK in 4 wheel drive for the first time nervous and scared but I DID IT!!!!!

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