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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Week 13 - March 27 - April 2

March 27 - AHHHHH another morning waking up at the river. I can not thank Kris and Randy enough for allowing me the pleasure of using the house for 4 of the most relaxing days of March!!! We got a late start but did some desert caching (loads of DNF's) and we even made a trip to oatman arizona (this town deserves its own post) :)

March 28 The river view in the morning is SPECTAULAR!!! an even later start this morning to our caching adventure. We did the other side of Bullhead city today and had much better luck with our numbers :) What a great day to be alive and enjoying the desert with my favorite person TIM ... and some really cool friends, cindy, mike and gail

March 29 AH today is my last day at the river the morning was rushed but ahhhhhhhh such is life. We loaded the truck, readied the house for the next visitors and headed out with a tear in my eye as i am just not ready to go home! We did some caching on our way out!  SAW a snake for the first time while out caching .. yes a big rattlesnack and it was 90 feet long and 20 feet round and was about to strike and we barely escaped with our lives ... at least that is how i am telling it ... (see another post for the real picture) we headed home tim and i hung back from the group and did some more caching :) So excited to spend time with him as he was gone for 2 weeks

March 30 - Ah back to work day .. UGH not so fun so much to do but the good news is that Joe left early and i can do this work at my speed.

March 31 - So so so wish i was retired. Work, work, work, ugh but i guess i gotta do it to pay the bills. Today i finished logging the caches from the time at the river .. ohhhhhhhhhhh how i wish i was retired.

April 1 - Today was boring at work .. BORING ... the caches out there were calling me so i hit the road picked up derrick and maddy and went caching .. but instead i found some mud puddles and made my truck DIRTY!!! It was so much fun. Got my first FTF today .. harville trees .. yeah so excited. Picked up Taylor and went to dinner, then home to camp in the livingroom ... GREAT DAY :)

April 2 - Slept in a bit, made breakfast for tim and then the 3 of us hit the cache road to the bowling alley. It was great fun. Taylor bowled a 65!!!

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