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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Week 16 - April 17 - 22

April 17 - Today was overcast and a little on the cloudy side but that did not slow us down. We headed out to Carlsbad to see the awesomeness of The Flower Fields. What a great site. We grabbed some caches and went to dinner what a great day to spend with my hubby :)

April 18 - Not sure what is wrong but the stomach thing has me beat. I did not manage to do anything today except sleep. Woke up after sleeping and watched the late airing of the secret life of the American teenager and make it or break it. UGH i wish this would go away.

April 19 AH slept in late boss is in Hawaii and taxes are done :) I still got that stomach bug not sure what is going on but i know that i am tired of it. Tonight is all about laundry. I managed a mere 4 loads but that means i am 4 loads closer to see the basket :)

April 20 TODAY KELSIE turns 9 .. i am not sure who told her it was okay to get big and have birthdays but that person needs to stop. I picked up maddy after work and we headed over for toastadas, cake and presents :)

April 21
Still not feeling 100% but yes i am feeling better. I managed 4 loads of laundry and parking myself on the couch for a while.

April 22
Ah off early today and feeling better. I managed to get the rest of the easter basket shopping completed. Went to the commissary and had lunch with my sister.

April 23
Up and out the door bright and early today. A tad nervous as i am taking my truck off the paved road for the first time today :) i can do this. We got about 75 caches on palomar mountain. A great day of caching :)

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