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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Week 18 May 1 - 7

May 1
Oh sunday how i love thee. Getting in super late last night more like early this morning after getting all the kids home from the prom sure made me tired. So today i slept and napped and slept and napped and well i think i ate some but went to bed by 9 ... i guess late nights are not my thing anymore :)

May 2
Today was the anniversary of V's death :( Tim took today off to be alone but that just didn't work out. We got a call from Dee Dee that Sonia was being released from west valley so we went and sat in the parking lot until she was released. we fed her, allowed her to shower and she went right to sleep. so many thoughts and emotions from the night ... think i will just go to bed :)

May 3
Tim took today off to be with Sonia. after work the 3 of us plus Lisa headed to the yacht club with frank and Calvin for some relaxation before the big event. Dinner at Hofs hut and then to seal beach for grunions ... sadly we saw no grunions but we did find a lot of debris. But we had a wonderful time.

May 4
I took today off to go with Luis Sonia and Isaiah to the beach. We drove down to balboa beach. Little man was so fascinated with the beach. He just didn't want to leave.  We enjoyed milkshakes and french fries from ruby's on the pier :) Sad way for family to come but oh so much fun :)

May 5 WORK WORK WORK and then ready stuff to leave for Primm for a weekend of caching and hanging out with my favorite guy.

May 6
AHHHH sleep was eluding me due to the pain in my leg. But alas some muscle relaxers and i slept for hours.  We missed caching in the mojave preserve but we did cache in jean up near the prison. We got 14 caches and did some minor off roading. I love spending time with tim :)

May 7
Up and going early. We decided to cache the states we got about 75 caches before the heat and the excessive walking took its toll on us. We headed to boulder had dinner at cheese cake factory then back to the room for some more sleep.

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