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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Week 21 ---- May 22 - 28

May 22 - Its my birthday .. yikes 40 .. picked up lisa and went to the commissary and then home to unpack and make dinner. Got loads of well wishes on facebook made me feel special.

May 23 --I was feeling pretty bad because hubby didn't give me a birthday present on sunday. :( He just kept acting like everything was normal, so i was a little depressed when i went to bed i mean after all who turns 40 and doesn't want a present. Feeling gloomy this morning when i woke up i decided to call into work ... i'll come in late :(  Well he walked me out to the truck and there was the most beautiful card and it brought tears to my eyes, when i noticed whati thought was a cell phone on the thing in the truck i picked it up to hand to him and he says HAPPY BIRTHDAY ... he had a kenmore radio system installed in my truck on sat and since we drove his car yesterday i had no reason to get into the truck ... OHHHHHHHHHH i knew he didn't forget ... IT ROCKS and now i can rock toby :)

May 24 Today is lisa's birthday and since her sister saw it fit to cancel her visitation, we (tracey and I) decided that she should not sit home and stew so we went to Joes for taco tuesday and friendship. Her dad and step mom showed up, frank, calvin, tracey, dawn, ben, tim, ahab, and a few more, we were at the bar until midnight ... what a great celebration for lisa.

May 25 Worked today and then made my weekly walk around challen hill today with tracey and ben. Tracey really pushed me this time, i actually sweated and jogged ... oh yeah what a good feeling.

May 26 nothing exciting in life today, just home and some cleaning and some much needed rest :)

May 27 AH work until 3 then off to the bank and to my sisters for my birthday dinner and to pick up nicole.

May 28 Spent the afternoon at the chili festival in riverside, who knew that there were that many different kinds of chili and that i would actually like some of them. I visited the vendor booths and spent a few dollars and then we saw all the old cars but not before a marshmellow gun was purchased ... YEAH the fun we are going to have with this one.

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