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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Week 22 - May 29 - June 4

May 29 - Up and out the door early headed to Camp Pendelton, but not before we do some caching. Have to show lisa my favorites :) then off to shop and look for a bbq but lisa has a good idea and tim is gg to try that idea out. Then off to the commissary and then to Anita's more caching and home to a bbq :)
May 30 - Wakey wakey at 4:30 to the car in the carport on fire. It was the upstairs neighbor, no damage to my car but damage to other cars and damage to the safety that we feel living there. Off to Ekstrom house for a bbq then home for laundry and cleaning :)

May 31 a day at work or is it a day of rest :)

June 1 This is the first wednesday of the month which means CACHE addicts. This time I had invited Tracey, Dawn, Ben and Lisa to come to the meeting as part of our monthly dinners. We had a great dinner and enjoyed some night caching.

June 2 quick day at work and then off to derrick's avid awards. I can't believe that he is graduating.

June 3 - Been a long week. Lisa went to AJ's graduation and it was not a good scene. We took a long lunch and then decided to meet for some caching fun after work. At about 10 pm after lots of DNF's we headed out for BACON :)

June 4 - Time for some cherries. So off to the cherry festival we head. We had hoped to stay and see air supply but after walking through the grounds twice, eating, people watching and discussing what to do next, we opted to leave and head out for geo caching and dinner. What an awesome day.

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