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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Week 23 - June 5 - 11

June 5  Slept in. Picked up lisa, headed to the PX and the commissary. Home to put away my good finds and make dinner and then to relax. Love days like this :)

June 6 Today i was feeling under the weather so i stayed home curled up with my pillow and blankie ... for a while i did manage to scrap :)

June 7 Today is Senior Awards night .. it is so bitter sweet i am so proud of all that derrick has accomplished but so sad to see him graduate!! went and bought his graduation present :) we gave him $100 bucks and 2 outfits

June 8 Today is the day .. i can't not crying!! I am so happy for derrick so i am not sure why i am crying. Everytime i think of the man he is becoming the tears poor from my eyes in both sadness and happiness. I am so proud of derrick... he ROCKS.. after receiving his diploma the kid in his own world jumped off the stage kicked his heels in the air in the excitement of graduating. I cried no tears as he walked across the stage ... i just beamed with pride .. CONGRATULATIONS DERRICK .. may you always walk with the zest of life that you showed today and may you accomplish so much in life :)

June 9 - walked the HILL .. i am attempting to get out of my rut and do some exercise :) thanks lisa for helping me :)

June 10 - Must hurry to finish the last minute things for the party tomorrow. Went to sams and walmart gave the stuff to diane and headed home. I managed to get 4 loads of laundry done and cleaned the kitchen stove (i made a mess)

June 11 Today is derricks graduation party and wouldn't you know it .. i had a vertigo attack so i was late :( ... i cried tonight as my sister thanked us for being a part of his life and he hugged me and thanked me for all we do .. Uncle tim cried too ... we cried more as we watched a video of him growing up and all those that have touched his life. Derrick is an amazing young man with nothing but the future ahead of him because of the awesome path that he has walked!

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