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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Week 24 - June 12 - 18

June 12

Avocado picking is what i did today, oh this was so much easier than strawberry picking and we had such a good time. Then we headed to the cache bash we were late but we still got to count it is a cache :) GO ME!!!

June 13
Ladies night Dinner, yep you guessed it we had dinner at Tracey's tonight. Great conversation and so many more mouths to feed as Tracey was babysitting.
This cold is sure making it a long week for me :(

June 14
WALK WALK WALK WALK -- it makes a fat person thin :)

June 15
Tonight is the full moon and this means that the grunion are back, so we are off, me, lisa, derrick and frank. We are going to dinner and off to catch a grunion or 100. Alas every beach we went to they were closed and we were unable to see the grunion :( WE did some caching and some laughing (at me as i sat huddled in the back of the van as they went over the bridges in long beach, thank god frank was driving i might have died)

June 16
Took today off to spend with derrick and recoop from the run last night as we got home at 2 am. We had a great time and better time this morning when a JAG Lawyer told us there is nothing that becky can do :)

June 17
Determined to do a grunion run we headed back to cabrillo beach. This time when we arrived there were really people there and we were in the right place. We paid our $5 and headed into the museum which was quit entertaining and then we headed into the museum for a very informative film on the grunion, then out to the beach where the bugs ate me alive!! But we got to see the grunion and that is why we went, Lisa was only able to grab one ... yes one little grunion but it was so much fun we might have to do it again :)

June 18
Suppose to cache and go to Jays graduation party, but with uncle tim's back being so sore, we opted to stay home. We didn't even shower to face the day until after five. He played video games and i scrapped what a great lazy day.

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