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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Week 26 June 26 - July 2

June 26 - a day to sleep in and a day to rest. We got up late and then headed to tom's farm ... awesome fruits and veggies and cool craft show and great home show and the wine store oh so much to do ... LOVE going to tom's farm. Home to tackle the laundry and cook dinner

June 27 -  a day to myself. I cooked dinner and then sat on the couch to watch secret life of an american teenager. Sorted the laundry and did the dishes not bad for a day's work

June 28 - work dragged today.

June 29 Cache addicts tonight :) love spending time with the great people that i have met on this journey. Tracey Ben and Dawn Lisa Derrick and Maddy all came to the event :) AWESOME time and grabbed the local letterbox Hybrid

June 30 Today was a bad medical day. Room spinning and flashing lights made me stay in bed today. Dad and Mikey came and picked up the chair and now my livingroom looks so big. So nice to have the extra room.

July 1 Ran a few errands after getting off work early for the 4th of july holiday. In running these errands i picked up a teenager that wanted to spend the weekend at my house :) So blessed that at 18 he still wants to hang out.

July 2 - Happy Birthday to my little brother. Today we hung around the house playing board games and video games and even took the time to watch derrick make us some BBQ'd hamburgers ... days with friends and family are the best.

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