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Monday, November 07, 2011

Janet Evanovich

I have a kindle and now i need to read read read .. the kindle allows me to read in bed at night with a very light book glow. So what should i read well my friends Anne, Kris and Ryann all decided that i should read Janet Evanovich .. something about this chick named stephanie plum. As most of my friends know i prefer Danielle Steel but hey i need to read so i download and pay for book one to see if i like these books and i have to say without a doubt i am hooked and glad to know that there are like 18 books in this growing series. Books 2 - 16 - i have in regular book format so i just leave the light on and poor tim gets no sleep but hey i am reading and that is all that matters
So i am reading along book one on the kindle and go to the gym where i can read uninterrupted for a period of about 35 min and before long i had finished book 1. I love the character of stephanie plum and the character of Joe Morelli. Even more i love the antics of stephanie plum, and grandma is a hoot in this book she shoots the chicken that was all prepared and waiting on the table to be eaten .... so love that scene.

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