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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Disney .. can you find the hidden mouse

My guess is that you have visited Disneyland before, perhaps many times. But if I've guessed wrong, and this is your first visit, then this note is for you.
Searching for Hidden Mickeys is lots of fun. But it's not a substitute for letting the magic of Disney sweep over you as you experience the Disneyland parks for the first time. For one thing, the scavenger hunts I present in this book do not include all the attractions at Disneyland. That's because some of them don't have Hidden Mickeys! For another, the first-time visitor should get ready for fun by also consulting a general Disneyland guidebook for descriptions of Disneyland attractions, shows, dining, and other tourist information.

****i bought an annual pass in Feb 2012 and so did Lisa and my goal is to find all the hidden mickey's in this book during the year that i frequent disney. I am going to try and take pictures of all those that i can but some attractions do not allow photography and others well to be honest they move to fast to snap a picture :) 

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