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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hidden Mickey's

Back on Feb 4 i told you all about the book i bought Disneyland's Hidden Mickey's.
Today Lisa and i went to California adventure with the idea that we were going to ride soarin and toy story mania. While in line i busted out the book and we found 28 hidden mickey's for a total of 90 points and other characters :) it was a lot of fun
According to the author Steven Barrett the definition of an official hidden mickey a partial or complete image of mickey mouse that has been hidden by Disney imagineers and artists in the designs of the Disney attractions, hotels, restaurants and other areas. these images are designed to blend into their surroundings. sharp-eyed visitors have the fun of finding them. Here are some of the 28 that we found today :)
 our first hidden mickey was on the dinosaur as we waited to go into the toy story mania ride
 ( now we are hooked)
 this is the mural leading into the toy story mania ride
 in the room after you exit the toy story mania ride
 fake magazine outside the toy story ride (seems part of the decor but they say it is a hidden mickey so we found it)
 paradise pier buildings
 paradise pier store
 this one is on the back side of a display of a man on a bed of nails and i had to get down on my knees to see it :) great find
 this one is in the store on a frame that is high on the wall it took a min to locate it
 Donald is running across the top (doesn't seem to hidden to me but the book says so)
 bill board sign
 picture place
 Ariel's grotto (the place where you go in and eat :)
Ariel's under the sea adventure ride these ornate fixtures line the path to the main entrance
 this one is on the mural at the main entrance. also inside there is a hidden mickey on some frogs we saw it but i was not fast enough to snatch the picture i will try next time.
 this was the hardest of all the mickeys to find we had actually given up and walked away and was talking to the gentleman that was selling vacations and we stopped right on top of it ... GREAT EYES ms Lisa
 condor flatts nice motor huh?
 animation studio atop the antenna is a mickey

monsters inc was loaded with mickey's every cab in the place had 2 mickey's there were some on Randal but he changes colors and i wasn't quick enough i wasn't quick enough for the loop feed ones either however we did see them and that is the point to find them.
We also spent some time in soarin over California in that ride no video or photography so we didn't get to show you the mickey's we found however we were able to find them all but one. a teaser the guy was wearing ears the kid had a grumpy shirt on the guy on the green had a blue balloon the gold ball had mickey and the fireworks were mickey's head (we will find the one that we failed to find this time on the next trip)

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