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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Easter - wondering what to put in those plastic eggs????

Things to put in Easter Eggs - besides candy!
Squinkies- (They are least expensive at Target)
Change (nickels, dimes and quarters)
Dollar Bills (you could save this for a grand prize, the egg that is really hard to find, or a golden egg)
Anything from the dollar store that will fit
The little pills that you put in water and watch grow. Grow Caps.
Hot Wheel Cars
Hair ribbons and bows
Bouncy Balls
Lip Gloss
Character Band-aids
Whistles (if you are brave)
Fruit Snacks
Silly Bands
Small containers of bubbles
Coupons (You can make them: "Good for one extra bed time story, etc...")
Baskin Robbins Bucks (good towards ice cream cones)
Sea Shells
Legos (they have smalls sets, you could divide the pieces amongst different eggs)
Toys laying around the house, that your kids have forgotten about
Army men
Plastic Animals/Bugs
Marshmallows (they have colored Easter shapes for the holiday)
Rubber Stamps
Pony Tail holders
Mighty Beanz
Mini nail polish
Mini Lip gloss

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