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Friday, June 01, 2012

1200 caches that is 100 per month and totally seems doable. i managed (55) caches / for february i managed 70 caches / for march i have 23 caches/ april was a dismal 24caches / i managed 35 caches

525 scrapbook pages (this seems like a stretch because i have not really been close to this in the last two years) but i am hoping with my next goal i will be able to come close to it i managed (34) pages which is really good for me for the month of January. i am also tracking how many pictures i use so i will have to share that with you next month in january i used 79 pictures / February i managed 51 pages and used 104 pictures / march i did 44 pages and used __117_pictures / april i managed 35 pages and used 81 pictures / i managed 71 pages with 273 pictures used

6 scrapping events for the year. (1) i attended my first crop of the year on Jan 14 i wasn't super productive but i was able to stay on task for the year. I am wondering if i should count scrapping events when the girls come to the house to scrap ... but as i usually don't get alot done i am on the fence about this i will keep you posted .. the good news is that the girls came on 1/15 and i was able to work on page kits for march :) / February crops included one on (2) 2/4 / march i attended the all day crop in santa ana (3) 3/3 / April (4) april 7 / i didn't attend any events in may

12 books (yes i am going to be reading this yr) i have read 3 books this year okay 2.5 i finished Janet Evanovichs book 13 at the beginning of the year .. i am loving this series about the bounty hunter Stephanie plum so much so that i have also finished book 14 (1) and 15 (2) and started book 16 in January :) GO ME!!! / February i finished books 16 (3) and 17 (4)/ For march i finished book 18 (5)of the series and read the four between the number series Visions of Sugar Plums, (6) Plum Lucky ,(7) Plum Spooky (8) and Plum Lovin'(9) / i read the first hunger games book (10) / i read the second book in the hunger games series catching fires  (11) and i also read heaven is for real (12)

real numbers 
207 caches
71 pages
273 pictures
4 scrappin events
12  books

****looks like i need to work on my caching goals:) 

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