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Friday, February 07, 2014

Easy Diabetes Diet Menus

Diet help for people with newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes!

Looking for a reliable source of easy to follow diet menus to help you or a loved one cope with Type 2 diabetes? Want to lose some weight safely to help bring your diabetes under better control? Easy Diabetes Diet Menus- Menu Me! is the answer!
  •  Book Highlights Include:
  • Easy Diabetes Diet Menus shows you exactly what to eat for 1200,1500,1800, 2000 and 2200 calorie level diets. Proper carbohydrate amounts are provided for each meal  and snack. Knowing your carb target will help you make better choices when dining out.
  • Menus include easy to prepare meals using "everyday" family-friendly foods taking the worry of having to prepare special recipes each time you eat.  Each calorie level has over a week of menu ideas like omelets, cheese grits, breakfast burritos, spaghetti & meatsauce, tacos, chef's salads, hamburgers and potato skins.
  • "Meal Planning 101" section explains the "nuts and bolts" of proper meal planning for the diabetes diet.
  • "Portion Control"will teach you those foods you must be sure to measure for best glucose control.  Learn an easy way to "visualize" proper portions when you eat out.
  • "Ask the Dietitian" section answers your questions regarding proper beverage choices, fast food, non-diet related factors which can cause your glucose to rise and best foods for ideal glucose control / foods to minimize in your diet.
  • Use the meal planning template when you want to  learn to create your own diabetes diet menus and stay on track.
  • Keep hunger away between meals with our list of 40 Low Carb Snack Ideas.
  • Tips for reducing belly fat and controlling blood glucose.
  • How to help a loved one with diabetes.
  • Takes the guess-work out of following your doctor's diabetes diet advice. 
  • Bonus Book: Includes the Easyhealth Diabetes Grocery Shopping Guide!
  • Diabetes educator approved!
Easyhealth Nutrition with over 20 years experience providing diet and diabetes education to all ages. Get your physician's recommendation on which calorie level is right for you then let our expertise and knowledge help guide you to success!

***Book 3 for the year

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