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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Revenge of the Spellmans (Document #3)

Private investigator Izzy Spellman is back on the case and back on the couch—in court–ordered therapy after getting a little too close to her previous subject. Her newest client is a husband worried that his wife is cheating on him—a seemingly open–and–shut case that won't quite stay shut. When it finally explodes, the fallout reaches the highest levels of city politics. And takes Izzy into uncharted territory. Meanwhile, her brother, David, the family's most upright member, has left the country—and maybe his senses. When her wayward sister Rae aces her SATs, no one knows if it's just another scam. Even Izzy's mom might be running a con. Add to the mix a pair of mysterious women who don't quite seem themselves, a local PI out for revenge, and a car that never stays where Isabel parks it.

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