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Sunday, January 11, 2015

DECLUTTER - that is the name of the game Jan 11

Day 11 - Declutter potholders and kitchen towels
Today's declutter mission, for January 11, 2015, is to declutter kitchen towels, dish cloths, potholders and oven mitts. As usual, I'm not asking you to declutter them all, because after all we need to use some of them. But today's your day to get rid of any that are too stained, frayed, have holes, etc., or some if you have more then can fit easily into the space you have to store them in.

In addition, I would love to hear what you think a reasonable number of kitchen towels, dish cloths, potholders and such are for your home. I know this will vary per household for a variety of reasons, but your thoughts may help others who are struggling with how many to keep. I'd also like to hear how and where you store these items to give people ideas that might be more convenient then what they're currently doing.

****Here is my drawer after I sorted out the ones that were looking a little frayed.

Pot holders and dish rags
dish towels

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