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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

King Tut

The Exhibit is at the Natural History Museum in San Diego, Tickets are a small fortune, however Taylor wants to see this and whom am I to stifle the interests of children. I paid for 3 tickets and we get to go at 2pm on Jan 24 .. YEP i am excited

The forgotten pharaoh

Tutankhamun was one of the most enigmatic figures in Egyptian history. He was descended from the 18th dynasty, which established the New Kingdom and led it during a period in which the arts flourished.
As the son of the god-king Akhenaten, Tutankhamun became pharaoh at the tender age of eight, but died under mysterious circumstances at about the age of 19.
His successors erased his name from all monuments, meaning he was not recorded on any list of kings and faded into obscurity. Unknown and forgotten, he lay for almost three and a half millennia in the Valley of Kings until British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered his tomb in 1922.
About Howard Carter

A worldwide sensation

The burial and treasure chambers shown at this exhibition cannot be seen in this form anywhere else in the world – not even in Egypt, because Tutankhamun’s original tomb in the Valley of Kings has now been almost completely emptied.
Tutankhamun’s treasures are now cordoned off behind glass in the display cabinets of the Egyptian National Museum in Cairo. The impression of space made by the tomb in its original state can only be experienced at this exhibition: virtual archaeology makes accessible worlds that no longer exist.

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