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Monday, April 13, 2015

Mount Soledad -- My Views

 On June 30, 2014, the Supreme Court denied certiorari before judgement. Justice Samuel Alito stated in a personal statement that certiorari was not yet warranted because the appeal of Judge Burns' order has not yet been heard by the Court of Appeals.[3] The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015 contained a provision making space available for the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial.[57]
On July 31, 2008, U.S. Federal Judge Larry Alan Burns ruled that the cross could remain, writing, "The Court finds the memorial at Mt. Soledad, including its Latin cross, communicates the primarily non-religious messages of military service, death and sacrifice. As such, despite its location on public land, the memorial is Constitutional." The case was then sent to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, as cases Nos. 08-56415 and 08-56436, which reversed his decision in 2011.

Architect Donald Campbell designed the present cross in recessed concrete. It is 29 feet (8.8 m) tall (43 feet tall including the base) with a 12-foot (3.7 m) arm spread.

La Jolla, is a beautiful place in San Diego county as evident from the above pictures. I am so blessed to be able to share this time in my life with my awesome nieces and husband. It was an honor to honor those that have served, whom are serving and whom will serve. Thanks to all who support the Mount Soledad monument and fight to keep the Flag at the monument.
Whatever the outcome maybe I am blessed and honored to have seen it in person

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