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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Harvest - Woman's Bible Study

I decided about a year ago that I needed to learn about the Bible, everyone always talks about the stories and what not but I don't really know those stories. I asked my friend Sharon to take me to church with her and to help me learn however, she isn't allowed to laugh at my questions.

At Harvest they have a woman's bible study at different times, I chose Thursday night at 7. Last year I started in the middle in the program and I learned a ton, even bought myself a bible.

This year I am starting at the beginning the program is called V2 Virtue. Our First session is about

The life of David shows us he was a shepherd, king, warrior, adulterer, murderer, and psalmist. How can a man with so many inconsistencies be described in Scripture as a man after God's own heart. That's what we will explore in this new V2 series, Honest to God. Through key episodes in David's life, we will see how God can take flawed people and shape us into men and women after His own heart.

So I have printed my papers and will read my stuff on Wednesday night and then head to church on Thursday.

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