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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Week 1

Jan 1 - I went and viewed the rose parade floats while tim stayed home and kept the couch company and he enjoyed playing his new video game. After dinner we went and found 2 caches

Jan 2 a quick trip to the commissary for some much needed groceries and some supplies that were not so needed but will come in handy for next years cookie exchange.

Jan 3 back to work monday UGH! Made it early. Went to dentist where they said my root canal is failing and they want a mere $1,500 to fix it ... um no pain in the mouth means no money going to the dentist.

Jan 4 - slow day but i still made it to work only 2 minutes late .. wow i am getting good. Made dinner and then decided to play on line and read a magazine or 3. Reading the magazine i came across the BHG organizing section and i was so inspired to get something organized that I went and got all the old receipe paraphnelia and sorted it. All those receipes now have a home and i can find them easily.

Jan 5 Today is payday. Yeah but BOO as when it hits the bank i will be broke again. Today a social living deal came over and it was $9 for a 90 min tour ... see other posts sounds like fun.

Jan 6 - A productive day at work led me to walmart to get some caching stuff for Tuesday's first event (truth be told i'm nervous). I then managed with the help of sue to fix my geo caching stats :) great day all in all

Jan 7 last night was not a good night my leg cramps seem to be worse than ever (must call the dr).

Jan 8 - out caching the barstow needle power trail (grabbed 454 caches today) with crazy teacher and obtuse

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