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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 2

Jan 9 - today was a good day, slept in late (caching can sure take it out of you), made breakfast, went to commissary, placed some caches to get ready for tuesday's event.

Jan 10 - Too much to do --- i am leaving when OH NO!!!! Made dinner, made the cake and took down the tree (not a bad night)

Jan 11 - My first event was held tonight at Jason's Deli - Not such a big turn out but i was not alone either. This in my book makes it a success. After the event we (bob, cindy, kathy, katy, frank, and wil) went out and got some caches in the area :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEVONTAE

Jan 12 - SO much to do and i have to make cake pops too ! 4 loads of laundry done, dinner done, kitchen clean, cake pops rolled, suitcase semi packed ... wow how is that for productivity

Jan 13 headache is making me slow and sluggish so glad that i got so much done last night.

Jan 14 up and out the door early to go to primm. Tim dropped me off at cindy's and we headed out. Had lunch at peggy sue's with Joeski team (Joe and Barbara) and then headed off to check in. Got checked in and then met up with Joeski team and blazer 4949 for some desert caching. This was a first for me and great fun. Visited a little town in Nevada called good springs ... oh my (stay tuned for pictures)

Jan 15 Up and out the door early for a 4x4 run to some old mines in the Mojave preserve (stay tuned for pixs) After the run we headed to Cesar's Palace to a place called PJ's for a great dinner and a few caches.

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