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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Week 9 a day in the life

Feb 27 YUMA baby yes we are in Yuma, after a slow start and a misguided GPS we made it to the bombing range and grabbed 40 caches :)

Feb 28 - Another day in YUMA woot woo we did a little caching and went to the prison museum and a museum that says you are standing in the center of the world.

March 1 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR MICHELLE DEAN EKSTROM may your 6th birthday be as exciting as the day you were born :) Today i took taylor out to dinner for her special birthday dinner. We went to the olive garden

March 2 Today i stayed home. I really didn't do much. I sat around and watched television and put a few things away

March 3 Went back to work today. It was overly stressful but i managed to work my way through the whole day. Cindy was a lifesaver and invited me out to dinner. After dinner i headed to Kaiser weight management classes. I need a jump start to losing weight.

March 4 Today was a better day at work. I spent the entire day at Marla's then headed to my sisters. I took kelsie to KFC. In her mind this was the first time that she had ever been to a KFC. It was a good night

March 5 - Today was a home day. I went to Taylors softball game (late :( ) and then nicole and devontae came home with us. Before coming home we did some much needed grocery shopping at the commissary and a quick trip to tom's farm to buy some vegetables. I got all the bathroom stuff where it needed to be :)


TJ said...

You always have such fun adventures,P!

Tracie said...

Another busy week for you, what a surprise!