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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week 10

March 6 Lazy days and sunday's rock. I got up made breakfast, ran to Joanns and found some awesome deals then off to learn to fold flowers and take nicole home :) Busy yet slow and great day :)

March 7 Monday's are always painful. I have decided that I MUST and I CAN lose weight so i packed up all my gym stuff and loaded it in the truck so after camera class i will be going to the gym.

March 8 Nice day at work got loads accomplished. After work i headed to Johnny's tacos for the results of the travel bug race. YEAH i won farthest north and $35 bucks. Went to the gym :) LIFE IS GOOD!

March 9 Today was a good day. Hubby took me to work and Cindy picked me up so we could go to the travel bug race event in Temecula. After submitting my bug for the race and sharing pizza and stories we headed out for some caches :) Life is good.

March 10 Today was a good day. I did my time at work and then headed over to Tracey's to have dinner with some great friends. How fun it is to kindle old friendships and start new ones .. i am truly blessed. It is also pretty darn cool to eat a home cooked meal every now and then :) I made it to the gym :) YEP I MADE IT to the gym this makes 3 days this week and that was my goal.

March 11 Today was slow. Work was so slow and i was sleepy but i managed my 8 hours and then off to do errands. Got them done, grabbed taco bell for dinner and went home to sit and put my feet up it has been a long week. (Met miss clariol tonight)

March 12 Up early on a weekend really has never been my style but i have realized if you want to go caching this is a MUST :)  Went to the 4x4 flash mob and then headed out caching i think i picked up 10 more and then off to my sisters for a BBQ :) it was fun and i worked on the flowers for the center pieces for the dinners jo jo is having for fundraising efforts for WALK FOR THE CURE :)

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Tracie said...

Sounds like you really have a great week! Good for you my friend!!!