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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week 15 a day in the life April 10 - April 16

April 10
Went to bed super early last night, yet i still managed to sleep in :) Got up to Jo Jo coming. We got some flowers done, my hair is no longer needed a root color and cut.

April 11
AHHH MONDAY NIGHT TV .. yep i don't like monday night football but i do enjoy monday night tv this time of year. Make it or Break it is back on as is The Secret life of an American Teenager. So after my busy day at the office i headed home to assume the spot on the couch with  a bowl of fruitty pebbles and the remote .. great time :)

April 12
Not really feeling up to hanging out with anyone. Went to work, ate chips and salsa for dinner, started reading dr phil and watched a new NCIS .. nothing terribly exciting but it is a great life :)

April 13
YEAH tonight is my event at portillo's. I need a geo caching fix :) Went to the event met some new friends and talked to some old friends and then grabbed 9 caches and did maintenance on 2 of mine :)

April 14
Today is work as usual and tonight is all about the laundry before i end up going to work nude i must wash some clothes :)

April 15
Well life is too short so live it to the fullest. When frank texted about going to the bowling alley tonight i hesitated and then decided GO FOR IT!... we had a great time so many laughs and so many new friends

April 16
Today we celebrated Kelsies birthday with her and 25 of her closest friends. Who knew that having a sleep over was so much work. Thank goodness for the inventor of the hula hoop and my brain. I was able to pull out some crazy hula hoop games to keep the children entertained. Kelsie and friends had a great time.

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