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Monday, April 11, 2011

Loving Monday night TV ... yeah

My two favorite shows are on - secret life of an american teenager and make it or break it :)

Kaylie is frustrated with her stay in Rehab, and wants more than ever to get back to training at The Rock. Maeve begins to coach Kaylie on what to say to get out of rehab quicker.

Steve introduces Darby Conrad, the 25 year old, two- time Olympian, and Silver medalist as the new Rock Coach. Everyone, especially Payson, is skeptical of Darby‘s coaching abilities. Lauren is overjoyed because Darby was Lauren‘s ―Big Sister at NGO camp. Darby meets the girls with a bubbly personality making her clearly more of a cheer-leader than a gym-leader.
Darby informs the girls that she won‘t be imposing any dating rules or curfews on the girls. She trust that they as gymnast and women have the self control needed for their profession.
Now that Darby is the new coach, Lauren asks to be her second in command as the new team captain in Kaylie‘s absence. Both Emily and Payson disagree that Lauren should be captain, and Darby has Payson and Lauren compete for the title.
Damon is back in Boulder to record, and Emily is happy because she can finally see him without sneaking around.
Kaylie‘s therapist approves Kaylie to go home but doesn‘t clear her to begin training. She suggest to her parents that she use this time to develop other interest.
Steve asks Summer for a second chance at their relationship. Summer agrees and they are officially back together again.
Marcus the NGO rep informs Emily and Chloe that the NGO has decided to keep Emily on the National team, provided she signs a contract that outlines rules such as no boyfriends, no job, and no social activities. Ronnie and Alex put together a recording studio for Kaylie to pursue singing.
Still upset that she can‘t train, Kaylie tells Emily that Damon can use the recording studio her parents gave her in their home.
Emily has to tell Damon that things must go back to the way they were before the rules were lifted but she is ready to have sex with him before they are separated again.

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