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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Week 17 April 24 - 30

April 24
Easter Sunday. Up and made hubby breakfast he got up before i could serve it in bed :(
went to sisters and had an egg hunt :) dinner played milebornes with derrick and maddy spinning tops with devontae and kelsie and then home to relax and watch movies with my best friend :)

April 25
AHHHHHHH monday how i love monday night TV. However i have a new TV rule! If i sit and watch tv then i must do sit ups on the commercials 100 sit ups later my stomach is killing me :) Tonight was also dinner at Traceys ... there is nothing better than cooking and sharing a meal with friends

April 26
I COOKED .. yep after a long day at the office i made hamburger patties (so i could eat the bbq sauce we bought at the flower fields) and mashed taters (made with olive oil) and corn and garlic bread :) YUMMY. i uploaded all my pages that are done for the yr and i also scrapped 3 new pages that i will post later .. feels good to be busy again

April 27
Dinner with friends is always nice. It truly makes the day at work go faster as i have something to look forward too. I had dinner with Cindy and Frank at Don Joses. Cindy was so kind she had a big sign made for the GA events and bought me a book. A cup of coffee with the girls. :)
April 28
TOOTHACHEs are the worst and the worst part is the tooth has a root canal so i should not feel anything .. but i do and it SUCKS!

April 29
OH MY the prom is tomorrow i have nothing to wear ... oh wait i am a photographer i don't have to be snazzy just comfy. Excited for the kids. Today honey came home from work early and we went to a late dinner it is so awesome to spend time with him :) I got a box in the mail today from a great friend tracie. She sent me so many goodies so thoughtful and so unexpected :) nice surprises are the best.

April 30
Its PROM 2011- I am taking the kids to the prom. I am the photographer and tim is the chauffeur. We have Maddy, Derrick and Jay in our car. I took over 300 pictures. The kids looked great. I will post pictures in a few days.. I am just so blessed to be a part of a night that they will forever remember.

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