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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Week 25 - June 19 - 25

June 19
Fathers Day was spent at home lounging around the house. Picking up a few things, BBQing steaks and staying in our Jammies ... MY HUSBAND is awesome

June 20
First day of summer! It is hot enough for it too LOL. Long day at work. Then home but before i get there i must stop by the store need a few things and have a few bucks .. no ATM card sure makes it rough .. but i am managing.  Home to make dinner and cut cut cut. smash smash smash avocados :)

June 21
Today has been an emotional day. Today Derrick learned that a dear friend Charlie took his own life. A life cut short. He had just graduated high school and was about to embark on his greatest journey. My heart aches for the family and for his friends that must live with the question WHY? Had to stop by the store tonight on the way home for some lettuce and when i got home i had begun to crash (blood sugar) i didn't sit down and let it happen i fought back which gives you a horrible headache, but i made dinner burritos and i cut and smashed 25 more avocados ... woot woo we are going to have guac for a long time ... i actually made some for tim :)

June 22
GA - Event Geo Cachers Anaymous. Love the monthly get togethers to talk about the hobby that i have truely come to enjoy. Had a great time. Excited that Derrick decided to come :)

June 23 walk walk walk myself skinny ... i will be skinny i will

June 24 still walking today we clocked the walk 3 laps around the apt complex is a little over a mile ... my goal is three times a week and tonight i cooked dinner for lisa and tim ... i even cleaned off the kitchen table ... WOOT WOO i feel good

June 25 Lets go caching. Yep a day of caching in fallbrook with tim, lisa and frank WOOT WOO .. let the fun roll

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