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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Back to the bedroom

*** slow to start but once i got into the book i had trouble putting it down the twists and turns were not as predictable as i had thought that they would be :)

Sugary but far from insubstantial, eccentric characters abound in Evanovich's novels, and this title is no exception. There's Katherine Finn, a professional cellist with outrageous Little Orphan Annie hair; David Dodd, a lottery-winning hunk who is a member of the couch-potato club; and Elsie Hawkins, a 72-year-old burger slinger with a Dirty Harry style and an unlicensed WWII 45. C.J. Critt's performance is top-notch with rapid-fire repartee and sizzling sexual tension. She mixes characters, mishaps, misunderstandings, wisecracks, and romance into a well-paced mystery, which culminates in a wedding and a perfectly blended family

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