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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

DECLUTTER - that is the name of the game Jan 14

Day 14 - Declutter ziplock bags, foil, and plastic wrap

Today's declutter mission, for January 14th, 2015, is to declutter plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and food storage bags. As with all these missions I'm not suggesting you get rid of it all, but only keep a reasonable amount. Often we grab more at the store because we can't remember if we're going to run out, just to accumulate way too many of these items. Either make sure it is all in a central location so you really know how much you have and make a concerted effort to use it ...all before buying more, or just donate some of it to get back to a reasonable amount.
Bonus points if you tell me some ideas for places to donate these types of items. I'm thinking shelters and soup kitchens might really appreciate any excess. Anywhere else?
***I have a very small place to keep this type of items, and a few weeks ago the neighbor upstairs was leaking into my cabinets, so I cleaned out all the old stuff and the stuff that got wet so I do have a useful amount, I just need to find a way to store it in this small cabinet to make it more accessible, so this weekend I am off to BBB (bed bath and beyond) to look for an organizer :)

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