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Friday, January 16, 2015

DECLUTTER - that is the name of the game Jan 16

Day 16 - Declutter under kitchen sink

Today's declutter mission, for January 16th, 2015, is to declutter under your kitchen sink cabinet. This is another one many of you've told me you've been dreading, but you'll feel so much better when it is cleared out. And while I don't personally believe this area has to be empty, the fact that there are pipes and such items under here means you've got to be able to remove stuff from it quickly in case a plumbing emergency happens. So after you reduce the total amount of stuff there, make sure to check out my article with inspiring before and after pictures from others who've already done this mission, as well as get ideas for how you can organize the items you'd like to keep in this cabinet, after you've decluttered it.

***recently we have had a horrible leak underneath the sink that is coming from a connecting pipe with my neighbor upstairs. To the left is the trash bags and 2 cleaners and the containers are the dishwasher soap, behind the white bucket I have a bucket of household tool items, a scrub brush for carpets, a window squeegee etc, in the bucket I have all sorts of cleaning stuff like my dusting clothes etc (these items would be ruined if they were to get wet). When I cleaned this out I got rid of old cleaners and double cleaners I condensed to the same bottle, it looks so nice under here :)

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