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Monday, June 01, 2015

52 Hike Challenge

My efforts to get fit and see the world, have led me to some great places and some great challenges, my original goal at the beginning of the year was to do 1 hike a month since that time I have done more than 1 a month and when I stumbled across this challenge this morning I thought AWESOME!!!
I will use their tracker and go back and log my hikes, which I have shared on this blog as well as my Diabetes blog


Step 1
Decide you are going to commit to hiking 52 times in 52 weeks! If you are using Facebook, please share our "How It Works" on your wall and state you are taking the challenge.  Be sure to Facebook message us a hiking photo of you so that we can feature you!  
If you are using Instagram or Twitter, you can also share our "How It Works" or our logo.  Be sure to Direct Message us a hiking photo of you so that we can feature you! 
Note that posting our logo is also to help you become accountable to your friends as well as recruiting some of them to join you on your life changing adventures!

Step 2
You can do the hikes on your own, join a hiking group, connect with some of the other challengers, or recruit some of your friends to join you in this challenge!  We have an area called "Challenger Connection" where fellow challengers have shared their hiking groups and you can put your information up to find someone to connect/ carpool with.  In addition, every month Karla and Phillip we will be hosting a hike for you to join us on, be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram for pop-up hike announcements!

Step 3
Check out our Resources tab, we added links of where you can search for information on hikes in your area as well as how to find well-established hiking groups.  In the future, we hope to have this area populated by our current challengers, so please be sure to download our "Hiking Log Tracker" to record your hikes for our community - it will help you stay motivated and on track too!
Step 4
Post your hiking photos to our Facebook page or if you are using Instagram/ Twitter, use Hashtag #52HikeChallenge and @52HikeChallenge so we can all encourage each other along the way :)  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) tab for more info and if we still haven't answered your question, send us an email at, we would be happy to hear from you!

*When you finish, be sure to fill out our
Interview Form so we can feature your story and share your words of wisdom for all the other challengers.  If taking the 52 Hike Challenge has helped you overcome some obstacles in life or made your life better (i.e. Cancer Survivor, Weight Loss, Found Your Soulmate, etc.), we would like to ask you to be a part of our book and documentary all about inspiring others to get outdoors coming out next year!
Thank you for joining us, we're looking forward to hearing how your life has changed since taking the 52 Hike Challenge!

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