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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Week 14 - April 3 - 9

April 3 - Hanging out at home on the air mattress was a great way to start the day. Made Tim breakfast and got a late start for going to the CMA fondue party. Oh what fun we had even if the the CMA's started much later than we had thought.

Just hung out at home and went to bed early .. yikes i must be getting old

April 5 - Got up way to early because they are turning off the hot water for my apt complex and it looks like i am gg to be finding a place to spend the night because they are leaving it off until tomorrow .. they are replacing the hot water heater ughhhhhhh

April 6 - Woke up late for work, horrible bed that we slept on the shower wasn't great today is not my day!  After work i decided that it was okay to go to the geo caching event and then we headed out for a cache .. UGH we didn't find it .. home to a hot shower and my bed :)

April 7 WOWSA got up early today ... GOOOOOOOO ME .. made it to the office early so that i can leave and make do some laundry so that i can go play this weekend :)

April 8 I am so stressed thinking that the federal government is going to close and tim is not going to get a paycheck and we are going to be in all kinds of trouble that i have made myself sick :( I stayed home from work. Went to dinner and grabbed a few caches with Cindy.  Yeah for friends to talk to.

April 9 YIKES who gets up at 5 am .. me why you ask so that i can go to the dessert and geocache. We grabbed about 40 caches no DNF's and I forced myself to hike some yuckky hills and mountains to help grab caches :)

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