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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

From Estonia

I have decided to help a group of home schoolers whom are in estonia on a mission to serve christ. I can't wait for the plane to land in CALI ... 
Today our plane took off for its trip around the world!

We have had fun locating all the stops on the map and then planning our route.  Now we are looking forward to having it visit each of you who requested to have it land at your house.  It has a total of 42 stops to make before returning to Estonia.  Here is an overview of the itinerary so you can have a little bit of an idea when it will be heading your way.
Croatia (1 stop)
 Africa (2 stops)
Australia (1 stop)
Vanuatu (1 stop)
Cambodia (1 stop)
Russia (1 stop)
Japan (1 stop)
Maine, USA (1 stop)
Minisoda (1 stop)
Ohio (1 stop)
Indiana (2 stops)
North Carolina (2 stops)
South Carolina (1 stop)
Mississippi (1 stop)
Nevada (1 stop)
Arizona (1 stop)
California (19 stops)
Oregon (1 stop)
Washington (1 stop)
Canada (1 stop)
Greenland (1 stop)

The plane will arrive with instructions and a few facts about Estonia.  Although I tried to make sure and cover everything, I may have left something out.  You are more than welcome to contact me with any questions.
Thank you so much for participating!

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